Major Projects

(Istiklal Mall) الاستقلال مول

  • Location: Istiqlal Street, Amman, Jordan
  • Description: Istiklal Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Amman, featuring over 150 retail stores, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and a large indoor amusement area.

(Ayla Aqaba) ايلا العقبة

  • Location: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Description: Ayla is a luxurious waterfront development in Aqaba, offering residential properties, hotels, marinas, and recreational facilities.

(Al-Hijrah Village Airport) قرية الحجرة المطار

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A residential and commercial development near Queen Alia International Airport.

(Al-Husseini Complex) مجمع الحسيني

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A prominent commercial complex in the heart of Amman, known for its diverse retail outlets and business spaces.

(Manaseer Stations) محطات المناصير

  • Location: Various locations in Jordan
  • Description: Manaseer Stations are a chain of fuel stations across Jordan, offering additional services such as car washes, convenience stores, and dining options.

(Manaseer Crushers) كسارات المناصير

  • Location: Jordan
  • Description: Part of the Manaseer Group, these facilities provide high-quality crushed stone products for construction.

(Badr Al-Hadeed Station) محطة بدر الحديد

  • Location: Jordan
  • Description: A key industrial facility involved in the manufacturing and processing of steel.

(Al-Wazir Chemical Factory) مصنع الوزير للكيماويات

  • Location: Jordan
  • Description: A leading manufacturer of chemical products in Jordan, serving various industrial sectors.

(Lubek Sweets Factory) مصنع لوبك للحلويات

  • Location: Jordan
  • Description: Renowned for producing high-quality sweets and confectionery items.

(Al-Hassan Industrial City) مدينة الحسن الصناعية

  • Location: Irbid, Jordan
  • Description: One of the largest industrial zones in Jordan, home to numerous manufacturing and production facilities.

(Jeddah Hotel ) فندق جدة

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A modern hotel located next to City Mall, offering comfortable accommodations and amenities.

(Faculty of Pharmacy, Petra University) كلية الصيدلة جامعة البتراء

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: Part of Petra University, the Faculty of Pharmacy is dedicated to providing high-quality education and research in the pharmaceutical sciences.

(Aqaba Technical University) جامعة التقنية العقبة

  • Location: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Description: A specialized institution offering technical and vocational education and training in various fields.

(Aqaba Medical University) الجامعة الطبية العقبة

  • Location: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Description: Focused on medical and health sciences education, this university aims to train healthcare professionals.

(Tell Al-Rumman Restaurants) مطاعم تل الرمان

  • Location: Jordan
  • Description: Popular for its beautiful setting and delicious cuisine, Tell Al-Rumman Restaurants are a favorite dining destination.

(Avenue Mall) افينيو مول

  • Overview:                                                                 -At Avenue Mall, we delivered tailored electrical solutions to support the complex’s high energy demands, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Key Solutions:                                                         -Distribution Boards for safe power distribution
    – Auto Transfer Switches for backup power solutions
    – Cable Trays and Ladders for efficient cable management

(Saraya Aqaba) سرايا العقبة

  • ocation: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Description: Saraya Aqaba is a premium mixed-use development that includes hotels, residential units, retail outlets, and entertainment facilities.

(The Boulevard Erbil) بوليفارد اربيل

  • Location: Erbil, Iraq
  • Description: A prestigious mixed-use development in Erbil, featuring commercial, residential, and retail spaces.

(Royal City Baghdad) رويال سيتي بغداد

  • Location: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Description: A high-end residential project in Baghdad, offering luxurious living spaces with modern amenities.

(Arabella Hospital) مستشفى ارابيلا

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A state-of-the-art medical facility providing comprehensive healthcare services.

(Tafila Hospital) مستشفى الطفيلة

  • Location: Tafila, Jordan
  • Description: A modern hospital equipped with advanced medical technology to serve the Tafila region.

(Al-Hussein business park) مجمع الحسين للأعمال

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A business hub in Amman offering office spaces, conference facilities, and business services.

(Nafora Mall) مول النافورة

  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Description: A modern mall in Amman, providing a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

(Al-Bahar Mall Aqaba) مول البحر العقبة

  • Location: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Description: A new shopping and entertainment destination in Aqaba.

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